at the end of the day

it has been a very turbulent week! thousand and one stuffs have happened, yet despite all these, i feel a strange sense of peace. hopefully, after tonight, my brain and my heart can have a good rest, before i gear up even more for the coming weeks of papers, presentations and tests!

been struggling with certain friendships/relationships, and the emotional stress is taking a toll on me. i never figured that things would become this bad, but i suppose out of the storm, i can still see light shine through 🙂

because of this, he has become a child of God. and i guess though it was a painful time for him, and an equally tiring time for me, God used the troubles and storms in our lives and made something beautiful come out of it. through this, he saw God’s comforting hand. through this, i realized that at the end of the day, i need You.

at the end of the day, I really need You. i know no matter how far i walk away from you, or how pretty this world seems, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, You really matter to me. and i believe that You have allowed me to see precious lessons, and i believe that The One will be someone who truly loves and fears You. and that’s all that really matters.

at the end of the day, i am still blessed. even now as i type these words, my sister is sleeping so soundly beside me, and sometimes her presence brings me much joy, and ease in knowing that i have a loving sister whom i can fall back upon when the world gets onto me. thank God for that. i found her baby photo in one of the old devotional books. she looked so innocent and cute. i really loved her and wanted so much to protect her as a big sister. she was duper precious to me. now that she’s all grown up, i still want to protect her from all the storms, but i’ve come to realize that there’s just so much i can do, and yet she rests, in God’s loving arms.

met up with deb just now, and we had such a good chat and catch up over dinner. i’ve always been the passive one when it comes to maintaining friendships, and i’m truly thankful that she’s always the one taking the initiative to meet me. though we spend much less time together, i’m always glad that i can tell her everything 🙂

had a good chat with haharold as well! i was pretty touched when he said i’m one of his best friends. i’m really thankful for him, cos i know that he never judges me and i always feel happy and comfortable talking to him. will miss him when he’s back in UK.. hopefully things will be back to normal when the three of us meet up again.

last but not least, i met up with jw for supper for the past two wednesdays. it’s always so good to spend time with him.

as you can see, i’m trying very hard to make sure that this semester, i spend time building relationships as well, instead of being too obsessed with my studies! at the end of the day, it’s the relationships that we have that matter. the people we love. and i hope i can hold on to this, and truly what is important in life, as i near the busy part of the semester.

SHA: i’ve figured out some (more) stuffs! 🙂 long to tell u about them. shall pen u a letter when i’m free, again! love!


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