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resolutions, etc
January 3, 2010

2010, i embrace you! (:

random resolutions for 2010:

1. run half marathon! 21km! includes 1hr training every week!

2. finish the OT

3. go for 10/12 prayer meetings

4. learn Thai, talk to Kita in Thai

5. remain accident-free for the whole year

6. finish three good Christian literature

7. share Christ with two more friends

8. go for a mission trip!

9. learn to bake (at least, a cake!)

10. learn to bar chords on my guitar baby

11. go for worship/singing lessons with brother

12. learn to play 2 other songs on the pianoo!!




happy 22nd ME!
March 25, 2009

happy birthday to me! 🙂

it has been a really eventful birthday, and i was feeling so high and emo last night! 😀 hence, i thought i’d better just blog in the morning 🙂

there were many surprises and disappointments. perhaps you gain some, you lose some too.

anyway, the highlight of my birthday was definitely the very very enjoyable time spent with lyanna and sarah! 🙂 i’m really very happy that each birthday, i get to spend it with them. though there werent any fireworks or bouquets or expensive dinners, i really enjoy every single minute, and i thank God for blessing me with two best best friends like them, really.

sarah baked me oreo cheesecake! it was so good, cafe standard. thumbs up sarah! 🙂

the second highlight was a very good dinner with deb, catching up and just talking about random things. it’s always so good to have these little chats. i shall miss them when she graduates next year. deb, though studies are very important to me, so is your friendship, really. i wont neglect our friendship larh! hahaha.

mummy got me a cake at 12 am last night 🙂 so sweet! and everyone of my family remembered, as they should! haha. my dear bro bought me purple rose on sunday. it was so sweet. i know flowers are impractical, but i really like the moment of receiving flowers and staring at them makes me feel so sweet inside. maybe it’s a girl thing 🙂

every year, there are always a few people that i definitely look forward to receiving wishes from, and most of them did, so i’m really very happy!

jw didnt come down to celebrate my birthday this year, but i understand and i’m glad that he stayed up despite being so tired to call me. it really means a lot to me.

sha called me at 12 too! haha i definitely was expecting that. though she sounded 99% dead on the phone, i was really happy and touched 🙂 thank you sha, i love you so much!

laozhong also wished me. that was expected, since he’s in singapore! hah. but what really came as a whooping surprise was harold’s long distance call from UK. i was reallly very touched honestly. i dont know if he was reminded by facebook (i highly suspect so, judging from his giggles), but i was really happy and surprised to receive his call… so thoughtful, and unexpected!

then, finally at 11.59pm, boonkiat called me. good old brother, never forgets my birthday! i feel so bad that i forgot to call him on his birthday though i remembered! arghhh i can never forgive myself! haha whatever the case, i hope he knows how much his brotherhood means to me! (i was almost gg to kill him if he forgot, seriously!)

and i got a nice card from joanna. so sweet of her.

i do have a thing for cards! 🙂

the usual good friends wished me, and i’m glad that they remembered! manda, grace, char, yvonne, silkee, layming, ohjix, zhang etc etc. i’m happy girl! BO JING forgot. she’s sooo going to get it from me ><

so all in all, i received very good surprises and wishes, and i’m really glad. today’s dinner with mummy, and tmr’s dinner with lalang and gang! 🙂 so happy!