Protected: here we go again
July 28, 2009

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fujitsuiee- not swee (pretty) at all.
April 3, 2009

shall not rant abt my trouble with fujitsu. ah, it will never end.. it was my first time lashing out at a total stranger on tue. while i felt slightly accomplished (cos i usually dont stand up for myself), the tears i shed after i left the service centre were evidence of my apparent weakness and much frustratation. ah well. 😦 service’s poor poor poor. and i’ve learnt that it’s really not easy to want to deal with such stuff in a way that glorifies God.. really. it’s really testing my patience (and my whole family’s!) to the maximum. yet i really dont want to blow up. it’s so, so hard. i struggle so much i feel like crying. yet again.

AH WELL. why did i buy fujitsu! someone, remind me please!

other than that, i’ve had a relatively good week! though there are still some stuff at the back of my mind, some things yet unsettled with some people. ahem. but, i guess i want to leave that unsettled. no way. i’m not going to give in and make the first move again. why am i always the one being taken for granted? i’ve been struggling about this though, esp when God gently reminds me what love is.

okay, forget about that.

jw called me one night, and we had a good talk. i’m always glad that i’ve this friend to fall back upon. he’s been a very faithful friend indeed, and sometimes, i cant help comparing, since he’s also a guy (and thus being a guy isnt an excuse for being insensitive). but i guess i shldnt; each friendship is unqiue and different.

meeting gavin tmr to do some youth camp discussion. really hope to be able to guide him well through this process. may the Lord so use me to make a difference in the life of this young guy, and in the process, refine me even more.