random bouts of loneliness
July 28, 2009

im thankful for some little joys during the week! glad to meet up with harold. he’s so funny and sincere that he lifts my spirit each time i talk to him. and i’m thankful for my sister, whom i can talk to and rant to a bit. and for erin dear, who has been my listening ear for some time. i think the friendship we share is amazing. and for gavin (yes, im sure you will read this), cos we are gonna meet up again, and i do love him as an older sister. i’m glad we share our lives.


we all get bouts of loneliness sometimes, which, in my opinion, is healthy; we need to be reminded that only God’s love never fails and reaches deep into our hearts. we may blame others for not being there for us, but it will end up making us feeling bitter; we can blame ourselves, but we end up being defeated. perhaps we need to seriously face the responsibility of dealing with Loneliness and realize that without a thriving personal relationship with Jesus, we can never overcome this.

There is none like You. No one else can touch my heart like You do